This is the page where I tell you about me.  Yes, I am from Texas!  I have hit my jubilee year  in August of 2011 and had actually looked forward to it since turning forty.  That’s me, always looking ahead.  I am now 52 and am an adventurer,  I love exploring the unknown.  I like going places nobody has been to and I can’t stand tour group traveling.

I love going to a new country and walking the streets and pathways, meeting the everyday person and talking with them.  I like seeing the parts of the city that no one goes to, the poor side of town, the slums, the garbage dumps, the throw aways.  These are the places that reach my heart.

I have been living in Africa for almost five years and I currently live in Aweil, South Sudan.  We don’t have electricity or running water or any modern conveniences and I love living here.  Crazy huh?  You can read about my crazy life here by checking out my blog page.

My Christian philosophy is simple.  Follow Jesus and stop for the one He puts in front of you each day.  He doesn’t call us to the masses.  He calls us to the one. There are so many people who are hearing the call to come to Africa or to go to another nation or even to their own neighborhoods in the West, yet they feel that they are not qualified.  I want my life to speak to you and to encourage you and to tell you that I was not qualified.  I just came because God asked me to come.  I had to follow my heart and Him and trust God to make the way for me, even in my weakness of faith sometimes.

Whether you answer the call in your neighborhood or across the sea to another nation, I want my life to inspire you to take one step at a time, looking at what is right in front of you and not worrying about the big picture, and learning how to just trust God, that He is always looking out for your best interests.  I have been drawn to Africa for as long as I can remember.  I have watched the great famines in Ethiopia and Sudan on television and I have read about the genocide in Rwanda and somewhere deep inside of me I wanted to go and rescue the innocent children and just love them in these faraway places.  This was the longing of my girlish heart and it followed me into adulthood.  And that is where I am today, just sitting in the dirt and loving these amazing children and people of South Sudan.

I invite you to continue the journey with me.