Follow Me Book

In February 2012 I published my first book.   Follow Me details my journey over a three year period living in two third world countries, Mozambique and South Sudan. You will read about my amazing adventures where I get to travel to unreached peoples, witness to witch doctors, see the blind and deaf healed before my very eyes, and so much more. God has shown me wonderful things and has taught me so much about His love and His kingdom.

After reading this book, I know that you will want to make your own journey to where God has called you. He has proven Himself faithful over and over again as testified to in my book.

You can order Follow Me online at the following websites:

When ordering online, please take a minute or two to comment on my book if you liked it.  It will help others to know if this book is for them.  My purpose is to help those who are called to step into their destiny, whatever it may be, unafraid and fully trusting God.