The hungry shall be fed

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my support page.  I have filed my 501c3 and so all donations are tax deductible at this time.  I am so thankful that the Lord has moved on your heart to give, as I could not do what I am doing here in Sudan without your help.  The seed that you sow here will multiply exponentially, if not here on earth, it surely will in heaven.

South Sudan is listed as the most expensive country to live in yet their average annual income is $96 USD.  Poverty is severe and we need your help.  We do not want to give a hand out, but a hand up.

I have returned to Yei, South Sudan and now have the responsibility of caring for 135 children full time!  I am the country director and the Yei Children’s Village director.  Carrying the title of director gives me the opportunity to also raise the funds needed to clothe, feed, school and house all these little ones along with payroll for our wonderful staff who have come to help serve.  I don’t think I have to tell you how big a burden this is.  Jesus carries all of it, praise Him!  You can help to share in this caring for the least of these.  We surely do appreciate you.

Bless you, bless you, bless you for giving for you give unto the Lord!

You may give two ways.  If you give online, please access the website and click on “Promises Found” if you would like to sponsor one of my children.  This would be a great project for your youth group.  Be sure to put SOUTH SUDAN in the remarks block.

You may also send check donations to:

Carolyn Figlioli Ministries
c/o Gwynne Wright
410 Spyglass
McQueeney, TX 78123

If you would like to mail a package with clothes and such, here is a list of things we could surely use and they don’t have to be new from the store just in fairly good condition.  We have 135 children so the quantities are large so they can have two outfits.  Many of the children, their current attire has many holes and rips and in very bad shape.

Dresses and or skirts for play (kid sizes):

30 each size 5 (for our 5-6 year olds)

30 each size 7 (for our 7-8 year olds)

30 each size 9 (for our 9-10 year olds)

30 each size 11/12 (for our 11-12 year olds)


Skirts for play for our older girls:

30 each size 3-4

30 each size 5-6

30 each size 7-8

30 each size 9-10

16 each size 11-12

If you are sending skirts and can send a top with it that would be great!  Tops should be conservative as in no spaghetti straps.  Tank tops are okay.

Boy’s shorts (knee length) or trousers for play (kid sizes):

30 each size 3-4

30 each size 3-4

30 each size 5-6

30 each size 7-8

30 each size 9-10

16 each size 11-12

Shorts (knee length) or trousers for our older boys:

20 each size 28

20 each size 30

20 each size 32

20 each size 34

6 each size 36

Also we need t-shirts for the boys.

40 each size small (kid size)

40 each size medium (kid size)

40 each size large (kid size)

20 each size small

40 each size medium

15 each size large

We need tons of underwear, new of course.  The ones here are so cheap that the elastic never holds and they are using strings to cinch them tighter.  Pretty sad.

Small girls go with the dress sizes and big girls go with the dress sizes.

Our boys like boxers only except the small boys wear regular kid underwear.

The address for mailing is:

MAF Uganda

P.O Box 1 Kampala,Uganda

Office: + 256 (41) 4 267462, or +256 (41) 4 268388


Again, thank you so much for caring for the least of these.