>Mozambique, The Journey Begins

>In July of 2007 I left the United States on an airplane bound for the great continent of Africa. In all of my wildest dreams, I truly didn’t think that this would be a reality for me ever. When I was a young girl of ten, I remember telling people when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, “When I grow up I want to be a missionary in Africa!” I responded seriously. I had no idea really what a missionary did and I certainly knew nothing of Africa except that there were giraffes and lions and elephants and safaris and I wanted that life of adventure.

I didn’t meet Jesus until August 26, 1999. I knew about God and I knew a little about Jesus. I knew nothing about the Holy Spirit. Well, fifteen minutes before midnight on my birthday that year, I looked up to the ceiling of my sister’s bedroom and cried out to God that there had to be more to life than what I was living. More than work, party, sleep, work, party, sleep. I had been attendng Cornerstone Church in San Antonio for almost a year before I asked Jesus that night to show me a better life, a better way. The next morning I woke up transformed. I was now a radical Christian and wanted to be just like Peter, Paul and Stephen. I wanted to live the book of Acts!

Since then, I’ve been all over the country chasing the things of God and I’ve been to Honduras and Mexico searching for His heart there also. In 2005 I started to hunger and crave to see His signs and wonders in Africa. All I could read about were the books of John G. Lake and all of God’s generals in the book called by that name. Oh God, I wanted to see Him in all His power and glory! I started to make preparations to go when God put the brakes on. I was not yet ready to go He said. Just be patient, just wait, just be still. My mentor and spiritual mom knows how hard that was for me. I was like a hurricane trapped in a bottle. But wait I did.

Now, back to the plane departure of 2007. I arrived in Mozambique greeted by the most beautiful faces of the most beautiful children. I fell in love. I traveled to the bush bush and spent three days communicating with children without speaking a single word. They spoke Makua, I spoke English. It was in that village of Sho’ver that I saw God heal an old blind man and I was filled with such awe that I cried and laughed and yelled “Halelujah!” and was hooked. I was caught up by the heart of the Father.

I saw Him multiply water for me in order to show me the cup of grace that He pours out to enable us to love unconditionally. I saw him open the floodgates of heaven and heal a young boy of Malaria. I saw so much of the Father’s heart that I was forever changed and set free from all my past childhood rejection. I found the love of the Father there in that place.

Well, I came home after three weeks and all I could think about was going back. But that’s another story! Read “Returning Home” and see where God has taken me.


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