>Moving North


I just got the word this week that I am moving to Akuem, Sudan on March 4th, which is our new base, right next to Aweil on the map, just below Southern Darfur. I feel such an excitement. This place is 120 degrees right now and there are literally no trees on our compound, just dirt and flat lands. I will be living in a tent, although a big one, and there are 3-4 inch long (not to include tail curl) scorpions crawling around at night, every night. I talked to a guy who is here now who just came from there. The tents are army style canvas tents and are about 10×12 by 7-8 foot high and will be sitting up on a concrete pad, supposedly to keep the scorpions out. Hmmmmmm……

I can’t explain this peace that I am feeling, except that it is God who is doing this in me, and His grace, which takes me step by step to a higher and higher level of faith in Him than I have ever known. I am going to a place where there are no other western women anywhere. I will have only Jesus to lean on when the going gets rough, and it will. I want to know that kind of dependence on Him. I am praying that I learn it even more there.

Akuem is way out in Dinka Tribe land in a village with one small market. The Dinka’s are one of the tribes who have continuous wars over cattle and we are close to the northern border lands where the northern army feeds weapons and ammo into the tribe to create more violence in order to sway the upcoming elections in April. This is also near the area where the LRA rebel army hangs out. And so this new move brings with it much adventure and mystery. I am already formulating a plan to start a Saturday afternoon ladies Bible study with the local older girls and women. These people are mostly Muslim, yet open to at least hearing the gospel I am told. The harvest is ripe!


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