The Road To Turalei

Today as I was riding the motorcycle along the muddy rain soaked path to town, I clothes lined a goat!  He was on one side of the path and his rope was tied to the other and the grass along the trail was knee high so I didn’t see the rope until it was too late to stop.  The rope caught in my tire and the goat swung through the air by his neck, around my back wheel and landed on the correct side of the road, where his rope was tied.  These three little boys were standing there just staring at me and I almost burst out laughing.  Instead I just looked at them calmly and smiled and said, “Shukran Yesu.”  Thank You Jesus.  And I road off into the sunset.

Tomorrow I embark on a journey that I feel will change the course of my life.  Two years ago the Lord told me that the next two years will be my training ground for something bigger.  Those two years ended two weeks ago.  The something bigger is here.  There are 40,000 + refugees living alongside the road, under trees, against market walls, anywhere they can shelter in Turalei until help comes.

The rains have come and in that part of the country the mud is like quicksand and there are snakes aplenty.  Malaria is in high season and there is no food.  My heart is quickened to go and do something, anything.  Michele and I are believing that God will multiply the fishes and the loaves.  We are putting all our faith in our Papa because He can do anything for whomever He pleases.

Pray for favor and protection as we go.  Wherever there are refugees there are bandits.  Witchcraft and witch doctors are very common in these parts also.  This last week here at Iris, three of us have felt a heaviness connected with witchcraft and so we are expecting to be a light plunging into the darkness to find treasure there.

I had a dream two nights ago that I was a retired Navy Chief (true) and I was going to boot camp in the Army.  I was sitting on the floor being treated like crap by the drill sergeant and she told me that my rank means nothing here (boot camp).  In my dream I smiled politely and said I know and it’s okay.  Jesus humbled Himself and made Himself of no account.  I pray that I remember this as I go to people who have nothing and have had their dignity taken from them and live as refugees.  I pray that I can sit with them and emphasize with them and love them and honor them as better than myself.