Tax Free!

I have been home, Texas, for a week now and have finally slowed down a bit to tell of all that the Lord is already doing as I, even now, prepare for my return to South Sudan.  But first, re-entry!

It is always so amazing how re-entry into the modern world never ceases to amaze me.  Those of us who live in third world countries, well, we just become so used to our simple way of life that it really doesn’t seem as difficult as it was in the beginning.  Sure we miss many things but we just get along and do what needs to be done and create our own little havens as best we can where we are.

Some of the things that are adjustment speed bumps in the “real” world (haha) for me are as follows:

Digesting all this rich processed food is rough.  I find that I have a very intimate relationship with any bathroom that is close by for at least the first week.  This time I have stocked up on more organic food so my re-entry has been a bit more pleasant!

Traffic!!!  Agggghhhhhh!  Enough said.

Night time city noise, meaning that it never gets truly quiet, air conditioning/heating clicking on and off, traffic going by, sirens in the distance, just a constant hum of noise.  So, sleep evades me much of the time.

These are just a few and I have to say, well worth coming home for my visits!

Now, onto the big things that God is orchestrating on my behalf for the things He has called me to.  I want to tell you that God’s plans will NEVER be cancelled.  Time and time again, God has shown me His faithfulness concerning the things He has called me to.  My faith in God is as huge as a mustard seed and I never doubt that He will act on my behalf concerning His plans for me and for His kingdom.  Typhoid and malaria and spider bites and walking through the desert places spirituality will not cancel His plans.  My faith and belief have never been so big as they are now.  I say my faith is as big as a mustard seed because that is all God says we need.  We just need that one small step, that one nod of our head, that one yes from our lips, and keep believing that our dreams with Him will come to pass.

I have worked hard on trying to apply for 501c3 status so that all your gifts can be tax deductible.  I have prepared all of the paperwork and am ready to file.  When I arrived home I found that there are reports and forms due that I won’t be around to handle and so I became dissuaded from pursuing this dream.  I sat here and said, “God I can’t do this by myself.  I can’t handle things from Sudan where I can’t even download forms from the internet to fill out.”  The very next day, the very next day, God changed everything around!

A very special couple, whom I have been friends with for years that I have come to call family, have been moved by the heart of God to act on my behalf.  I never mentioned any of my concerns to them, keeping all of these things inside my heart between me and God.  They approached me and said that God had moved their hearts to apply for and manage all of my 501c3 dealings full time.  I have an appointment today with their lawyer to file my application and by years end I will be able to bless my partners who give to this ministry to be able to receive their tax deductions, finally!  (See the “Support” page for details)

This is all so exciting and even a bit overwhelming to me.  God told me last week to “dream bigger”.  I have been limiting Him financially.  I always believe that He will meet the needs of what I have been called to do but I have kept the “dream” of what I am actually doing small, contained, and manageable.  Haha!  My Papa God has bigger plans!

Tomorrow I leave for Kansas City, MO for four glorious days sitting at the feet of the Lord.  I will be attending the International House of Prayer One Thing event where almost 30,000 young people will be doing the same, all hungry for more of God.  You can watch it on the internet at and worship along with us.  I am so thirsty for more of God that my lips are chapped and my throat parched.  I need big drinks and will definitely quench my thirst after four days.