Mexico Outreach

I just returned from ten amazing days in Mexico with an amazing Iris Global team! We were so extremely blessed to be a part of what Freedom Ministries under David Hogan is doing there in the Tamaulipas, Mexico region. It is home to the Nawat Indians, descendents of the Aztecs. Amazing, intense, holy are just a few words that describe what we felt. Wow!

We slept on concrete floors, it was cold most of the time and there was never any warm water or warm fires to sit by to warm up. We lived in layers of clothes and sweaters and coats and gloves and socks. We visited many different villages, going out each day very early and arriving back just before dark or staying the night. It is extremely dangerous to be on the road after 7:00 pm for reasons I cannot mention in my update. Those who have heard David Hogan speak know what he and his team face each day.

We were so deeply touched by his team and their dedication to the gospel. They are focused on souls and will do anything and go anywhere to reach anyone. This was so evident in their daily activities. We would travel for two to six hours in a day just to have lunch with a family and have church in their home with their neighbors. Sometimes we would stay the night and sometimes we would drive back. There were also two big conferences while we were there and many people were saved and healed.

On another note, I have never shared my testimony of how David Hogan laid hands on me while I was a student at Harvest School Pemba and I was healed six years ago of Muscular Dystrophy. I had been taking medicine two to three times a day for 15 years, once I had been diagnosed, to keep the symptoms in check, although I had had it all my life. David prayed for me in 2009 and I was symptom free for the first time in my life, in my life, and remained this way for five years.

This June, exactly five years from the time I was healed, my symptoms returned for no apparent reason. I knew it was a spiritual attack. I had no skeletons in the closet or hidden sin. We have been experiencing the Presence of God on our base like never before. The devil was mad. My symptoms returned the day I took our first Iris kid to go to Iris Harvest School to become a missionary. It was a spiritual attack. While I was in Mexico, David prayed for me again and I was instantly healed! The anointing hit me and I laid on a cold concrete floor, the weather raining and miserable, and I was again symptom free for the first time since last June, praise Jesus! I remain free!

We laid hands on so many people. The Spirit of God moved and many were brought to repentance and salvation. The people of this area worship the Santa Muerte, the spirit of death. They have shrines and alters on the sides of the roads everywhere. The saint looks just like the grim reaper, seriously. They literally worship it. There were statues of another one called The Lady of Guadalupe who they believe is the mother of God. I saw big statues of this Guadalupe with a little statue of Jesus with hands lifted to the Guadalupe statue. Very demonic and not in the Bible. The last conference was a miracle in itself. The director of that particular area had built a church, a huge church, having no congregants in sight. God told him to build it, his wife told him he was not in his right mind, but he built it anyway. He had heard from God.

We had no idea if two or two hundred would show up because there was no church family that big in the area. Just a few small house churches. The day of the conference the weather broke and the sun was shining and warm. People started coming. And coming. And coming. I think there were about 400-500 people who came that day! The leader of our team then gave a testimony concerning some tent stakes that the Iris Harvest school students pray over and anoint with oil. These are students from 40-50 nations, speaking words of life and prophecy over these stakes. They began to give testimonies of other stakes they had planted around the world.

We declared that the lightnings and thunderings of God would explode in this region and you could feel the power hit the people. The stakes was hammered into the ground and people started coming forward and repenting and falling on their faces weeping. The power and presence of God hit us all and we were undone, a holy mess on the dirt. Many were saved this day and the gospel hadn’t even been preached yet! It was the Presence and conviction of the Holy Spirit that led them to the alter repenting.

What a testimony to God’s goodness in Mexico. Words are hard to come by to explain all that we felt and experienced, both through this team’s humble and laid down lives and the people they serve and live with. I am still processing things and know that I will bring what I experienced to South Sudan to see God’s power and Presence increase there. These are exciting times for those who carry the gospel to the nations. The harvest is truly ripe and ready. The seeds have been sown and watered. Let the harvest be picked!