>The Witness

>One of my students said to me today, “It is so God that we are going to National competition. I remember when we didn’t make State, you said Chief (that’s what they call me in ROTC) that you were still going to pray for favor from the Lord.” We placed 4th and had to be in the top three. Even though I knew there was no way “on this earth” we would be able to go, I prayed, for their sake.

Five days later we received a phone call from the state of Texas director that the first place team, twelve years reigning champions, dropped out! Unheard of!!! Then God! We are going to Navy Nationals in Pensacola, Florida and the kids know it is God who takes us there. What a way for Him to show “them” that He hears us when we call and He cares for what we care about. I smile when I think about the way He turned my life around………


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