>SIgns And Wonders

>I am reading Mel Tari’s book, “Like A Mighty Wind”, right now about the Indonesian Revival which started in 1967. These were a simple people who didn’t even pray out loud or speak in tongues or show any displays of public affection to God. They were faithful and went to church and loved the Lord and worshipped God the only way they knew how. They were humble and loved each other. One night, as they were having a normal church service of the usual 200 people, the fire department was called because someone was seeing the church literally on fire. The fire department showed up and there is no fire. Instead there are people lifting hands, praying out loud in foreign languages, all languages, and others on the floor, and people were coming from all over to see what was going on. The church went from 200 people to 1,000 just that night alone!

Mel was 18 years old and he heard the wind come thru the church that night and he heard the mandate from the Lord for that whole church to go out and preach the Gospel. There was a major repenting of sins and nothing was left hidden. If people were living in secret sin, a word of knowledge was revealed and they had to repent right there. In the first three months there were seventy groups of laymen going out and preaching the gospel. An entire village devoted to the devil and witchcraft were saved by one sentence! Mark 16 gave the laymen the ability to cast out demons and they did in Jesus name. The first to receive the Lord was the high priest himself!

Another amazing miracle happened during their flood season. It would rain for a month at a time, never stopping, and no one could travel without getting wet. A group walked over 50 miles and there was rain 10 feet in front of them, 10 feet behind them all the way and not one drop on the group! Another group came to a river that was 30 feet deep at flood stage. They were told by the Lord to go across. They were scared and wavering and a group on the shore kept trying to talk them out of it, telling them that they would surely die. One of the laymen said that he was compelled to do what the Lord told them to do and if he died doing it then he died doing what the Lord told him to do! He stepped in and the water reached to his ankles. He continued walking across the river, the water never getting any higher that his ankles!!!!! His team followed him doing the same thing!!! The people on the shore stepped in and were immediately up to their necks fighting the current.

My God, my God, how excellent are Your works! Oh God give me this kind of faith, this kind of belief. God help me in my unbelief! If I truly believed then I would be doing this and more. I am a work in progress and God will not go half way with me. He will complete what He has started. He is effectually at work in me to will me to do His will. His will is to heal the sick, cast out demons, feed the poor, raise the dead, and bring in the great harvest. Teach me to do Your will God. Let Your Kingdom come here on the earth as it already is in heaven. Come Lord Jesus come!


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