>One Hundred Fifty Met Shoes


You provide the fire, I’ll provide the sacrifice.  You provide the Spirit and I will open up inside.   Fill me up God, fill me up God.   Love of God overflow, permeate all my soul.   Fill me up God, fill me up God!

The miraculous softens the hearts of the people.  It brings them into a place of decision.  When we see a miracle what decision do we make?  Do we just get used to them and say “cool” and get on with our lives?  What decision do we make?

What is revival?  It is the fullness of Jesus in our lives.  Mark 6:48-49  Jesus was about to pass them by.  The disciples thought He was a ghost.  They hung out with Him for a year and a half and didn’t recognize Him!  They had just seen the miracle of the fishes and loaves and yet their hearts were hardened.  Jesus said it Himself.  They couldn’t make a decision because their hearts were hard and they didn’t let the miracle soften their hearts.  Revival was about to pass them by.  God doesn’t want us to catch the wave, He wants us to be the wave.  Don’t wait for revival, be revival.

When you heal someone or prophesy a great word over someone’s life or get a word of knowledge, it brings you alive.  This is the REAL you.  When you are walking in the anointing you are the most you.  Be you!!  Live there.  Live alive!  You can drink from someone else’s well but it won’t feed you forever.  Dig your own well deep inside of you.  That is the well that will fill you forever.

Jesus knew that He always had to be full to be poured out.  He was poor in Spirit every day because He emptied Himself out everyday everywhere He went.  He would fill up every day with more.  He left heaven wherever He went.  He made Himself poor.  He made Himself so poor that He nursed at His mother’s breast.  He let His diapers be changed.  He made Himself fully dependent upon her.  Are we fully dependent on God?  Do we know what it’s like to be really poor?  God’s economy is not our economy.  Keep giving.  God had only One, one Son.  It was all He had and He gave it.  He gave One and now He has billions.  He showed us that you will always receive more when you give.  Give yourself, your time, your money, your clothes.  Just give.

This morning I went over to the toddler house to help bathe the babies and get them ready for church.  I have done this before and it is so cute how they fill large plastic round tubs of water and the little ones who can stand, stand around the tub holding on and get cups of cold water poured over them.  They breathe in with a gasp and then play and splash.  They have never felt the pleasure of a warm bath.

This Sunday, they all decided I think to fill their diapers with pooh!  The little girls are the ones who march the babies out back to where the tubs are and so it was just me and these 8-10 year olds and poopy babies.  I told the girl nearest me, “Cocoa” and pointed at the diaper.  She looked at me with all seriousness and said, “You cocoa” meaning I was to do the wiping.  Guess what?  No wet wipes here.  I had to literally use my hands and water.  Will you get your hands dirty?

The face of God is available for all to see, whoever desires to see Him.  Whatever you do for the least of these you do for Me.  Whenever you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help those who need help, you do it for Him.  The face of God is the face of those we serve.  You can have as much of God as you like.

So many people go to conferences and schools of ministry and they say, “I am on fire and ready to go” and then they get home and the fire burns out.  That person only got warm because they were next to the fire.  We need to be the log and throw ourselves in the fire.  We need to burn for God.  Burn long and burn strong.

Everyone should have spiritual mothers and fathers.  We need them to speak into our lives.  If they are anointed in finances, then have them speak into your finances.  If they are anointed to raise godly children, then have them speak that into your family, your marriage.  If they are your spiritual parents then you get the inheritance.  Tell them that they will get a huge return on their investment.  If anyone is looking for a great kid, I’m available for adoption (lol)!  It is good to have many fathers and mothers to sow into our lives.

To wait upon the Lord, the word “wait” means to set up an ambush.  It is an active pursuit.  When hunters hunt their prey, they lie in wait right in the path of the hunted, knowing it will come.  We need to get in the pathway of what we are hunting.  Set yourself in the pathway of God’s Presence.  Set up an ambush.  He loves to be captured by us!  Wow!

Yesterday we brought small tubs of water to our school hut and the Mozambique pastors and Bible School students came to join us.  We do a lot together.  There are 100 of us and 150 of them.  We came together for a foot washing.  We placed the tubs in the center of the hut and began to dance around them and sing praises unto God.  We did this for awhile, ushering in His glory.  Then our leaders asked the Mozambicans to sit while we washed their feet.  I started washing them and really looked at their feet.  After the third set I just started weeping because I heard the Lord say, “You don’t know how much these feet have been through and the burdens they have carried”.  They reached out to me and prayed over me and were so touched that we were doing this.  Then they did ours and then I really lost it, sobbing literally.  It was probably the most emotional part of the school so far and we have been through tons.  I really saw the heart of these people when we did this.  It was the most amazing thing.  I was undone.  I saw the servant heart of our Lord.

Two thirds of these people have seen family members die from starvation.  That’s over half the Bible school students.  Heidi asked them and two thirds raised their hands.  Every year she tells them to lay hands on the westerners so they can know true hunger.  Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness for they shall be completely satisfied.  It is not “right” for children to die of hunger.  A couple of years ago, some of Heidi’s pastors went into a lake to get lilly bulbs to feed their children who were starving.  The pastors were eaten alive by crocodiles trying to feed their starving children.  Will we be so hungry for justice, for righteousness, that we would die if it weren’t fulfilled?  When we hunger after righteousness, that which is right, we won’t care about the crocodiles who want to eat us.  We become desperate for justice, for righteousness.  Are we satisfied?

The church age was about hearing and believing.  It was about “I have Jesus”.

The Kingdom age is about overcoming.  It’s about “Jesus has me”.  Does Jesus have us, all of us?

There is a little boy who is from the village named Ajima.  He is about 6 years old and has one eye and wears the same clothes every single day, a red sweatshirt and khaki pants that are literally three sizes too big.  He has to hold them up or they will fall down.  He has no shoes and there are sores on the bottoms of his feet.  His father kicks him out and sends him away for the day.  Iris has tried to “adopt” him in but the father won’t do it even though he doesn’t really want him.  He is the happiest boy I have ever seen in my entire life.  He always smiles, always, and he gives a full body bear hug to every single person who will take his hug.  I have never in my life seen such love as this little boy pours out.

Yesterday I went and bought him some shoes and I only regret that I did not get them sooner.  If it was possible for him to smile any bigger, he did.  I bought the best pair available.  Most shoes are 30-50 mets.  I bought the 150 met shoes because he has a 150 met heart.  I had more joy in giving this one pair of shoes than anything I have ever done here or any miracle I have seen.  His smile was worth everything.  Tomorrow I will bring him a belt.


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