In the “bush bush”

I was sitting in the Prayer Garden on Monday at 0600 as I do every morning before school and the Lord impressed upon me the story about Jesus sitting in the boat with the disciples in Luke 5.  He tells them to go out into the deep and there they catch a haul so big that their nets are close to breaking and their boat close to sinking.  And so I meditated on this.

Two hours later as we sit in class, a speaker from Amsterdam starts talking and his entire message is Luke 5.  Wow!  Last night as he slept he had a dream where Jesus was on the beach.  The Lord then gave him a parable of sorts.  When fish are swimming in the ocean, they don’t go swimming into a net on purpose.  They try to avoid it.  Only makes sense.  Well, Holy Spirit had to talk to all those fishes in Luke 5 to get them to swim into that very net.  They would not do it on their own.  He basically told those fishes, “You will have to swim into that net and die”.  There is a war over lives.  The Christians are who God is calling to be the net.

This is the time for souls.  Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Che Ahn and many others are saying that within the next 15 years, every single nation, tribe and tongue will hear the gospel.  It is the time for souls.  We have to be a healthy net.  Holy Spirit will speak to the souls.  All we have to do is catch them.  It is that easy.  This last weekend Rodney Howard Brown called our speaker and told him he saw/heard from the Lord the same thing about the net.  Last weekend in one day Rodney Howard Brown saw 20,000 come to Jesus.  It was that easy!

Last week our speaker was in a small town in India, only 400,000 people.  They did not have permission to go there but they went anyway because he heard from the Lord.  The first night 10,000 came to the meeting.  The second night was 20,000.  The third night was 50,000.  The Hindu’s were getting angry and threatened their very lives.  The police of this town told them to stay in their hotel.  Three hours later, while his team was worshipping and praying, the head commissioner called him begging him to come because the people were screaming for the Christians!

So, he went and there were 200 police in force to try and stop any violence from the Hindus.  There were 100,000 people there!  There was a huge contingent of Hindus on stage and he asked the Lord what to do.  Jesus said, “Wash their feet.”  The team without a word bent and washed their feet.  The Hindus were so shocked that white men would bow at their feet that they were literally speechless.  He then preached on the Savior’s servant heart.  That weekend 100,000 Hindus came to Jesus!

Two months ago they were in Pakistan and 25,000 Muslims came to Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is making people pregnant with revival right now.  Revival is carrying Jesus everywhere we go.  Mary was pregnant with Jesus and John the Baptist lept in his mother’s womb.  She was carrying Revival.  John prepared the way and brought revival.  We carry Revival.  We carry Jesus.  Holy Spirit will speak to the souls and tell them to go into the nets.  We are the net.  Get ready for a huge catch.  Just be the net and go where He tells you.  Wow!

We don’t have to have a paper that says we are ordained in order to give Good News.  Jesus didn’t have a paper that said he was ordained to preach.  The disciples didn’t have papers.  They couldn’t even read.  The Bible is full of prophetic words; Go to the nations and make disciples…”.  That’s a prophetic word for everyone.  In your nation, go.  Don’t wait for someone to speak a word over you to go do something.  Blessed is the peacemaker…. What you do for the least of these, you do for Me…..  Those are prophetic words.  They came from Jesus’ mouth.  We just have to do it.  Live the prophesy already spoken over you.

Every single week Heidi wrecks our “thinking”.  There hasn’t been a session yet where we aren’t in a puddle on the floor, just weeping before the Lord and swimming in His love.  She talked about mercy yesterday.  Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy.  We should carry mercy to the extent that people won’t be able to resist it.  One of Heidi’s pastors, a national pastor named Sitole, went to a village of 4,000 a couple of years ago to preach the Good News.  The people of that village told him he would no longer speak the Gospel and they cut out his tongue.  They told him he would not go to another village to carry the Gospel.  They literally chopped off his hands and feet while he was still alive!  Then they peeled the skin from around his mouth and finally chopped off his head.  Sitole’s brother packed up a Land Rover with a huge sound system and drove straight from South Africa all the way to that village and set up the sound system and began to tell them about the mercy of Jesus and then the brother forgave that village.  They couldn’t resist the Lord’s mercy, the brother’s mercy.  Most of that village bowed their knee to Jesus that day.

Jesus showed us mercy and He made a covenant with us.  In a covenant there is a lot of death.  They split the animals in half and walk thru them and vow their very lives if need be to keep the covenant.  Missions is about death and covenant. To give ourselves to another people group or ministry, we must die to ourselves and be where they are.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.  Whatsoever you do for the least of these, you do for Me.  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall SEE God.  Whatsoever you do for THE LEAST OF THESE, you do for Me.  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall SEE God.  Whatsoever you do for the least of these, you do for Me.  Do you want to SEE God?  Whatsoever you do for the least of these you do for Me.

There is a little boy named Paulo who was brought into our school last week and he had sores all over him, his chest was crackling with phlem, his eyes and mouth and nose and ears had sores, he had rags on, he looked extremely sick and he is 10 years old with the body of a 5 year old (no exaggeration here).  He has AIDS and he is weak and he never cries or complains or says anything.  He just sits quietly and watches, his chest rising and falling with his labored breathing.

He is the least of these.  Does he make our hearts weep?  Does he move us to do something?  Jesus looks out at us through those eyes covered in sores with such love and He calls us to do something.  Early this morning Paulo was standing outside the gate of our house area and as I walked out I just scooped him up and took him to school with me.  He drew in my journal, he ate my orange slices, he sat in my arms and drank in the atmosphere.  I believe that Paulo will overcome this disease by the blood of the Lamb and by the love of our testimony.  Oh Jesus, wreck our way of thinking!

I am learning to live in “the rest”, minister out of “the rest” and it is the best place to live from.  I am learning to live in His Presence as I live in community with all sorts of people, have few modern conveniences, minister at the jail, wash dishes, serve food to pastors and kids, play with and get dirty with toddlers, make beads with the girls, minister to the sick, camp in the bush and watch movies with the boys.  I go, go, go all day and I have such joy and energy because I stay in His Presence.  I am learning that the only way to do it is to walk in love, to take EVERY opportunity to CHOOSE love.  I am laughing as I sit here because it is so good to finally “get it”.

Most people look at difficulties in their lives as an attack of the enemy.  When  runners train for marathons there is a point in the running where they run into resistance and difficulty.  They feel like quitting because it gets really hard.  If they don’t persevere and accept the difficulty, their muscles get weak and when the real marathon race comes, they immediately fall out of the race.  God allows difficulties on purpose to train our muscles for the difficult things ahead.  Don’t look at all difficulty negatively.  Look at it as training for the bigger race ahead.  Persevere and endure and finish strong.

Heidi celebrates birthdays one day every month and the Iris kids who have birthdays get an afternoon at the beach, cake and coca cola and presents.  Yesterday while at the beach, she and some of the missionaries came across a little girl and her mother.  The little girl had calluses on her knees from crawling all her life because she has never walked.  Heidi began to love on her and told her, “come little sweetie and walk” and she lifted her to her feet and the little girl just started walking on her skinny little legs!!!  No elaborate prayers, just the Name of Jesus.  The mother confirmed that this girl had NEVER walked.  Jesus!!  Pour out love, offer your hand and see the lame walk.  Wow……

Mark 9:49-50  Everyone will be salted with fire.  Salt is good.  But if it has lost its saltiness how do we restore it?  Have salt within yourselves and be at peace and live in unity with each other.  Did you realize that Leviticus 2:13 says to offer salt with ALL your offerings?  How do we offer ourselves to the Lord?  Are we salted with fire?  Meditate this and see what the Lord says to you.  It’s a pretty deep well.


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