Children Are The Testimony Of God’s Love

Very short update from Yei. I want to say first how much, how very much I love these children. I wish I could have you meet each and every one. You would adore them too. They are really so very hungry for more of God. Before I went to Aweil we used to meet together each week for prayer and worship. Even last year we had our weekly Friday night worship that would go for three and four hours. So many would come of their own accord. The same was the case with last night. ALL of the older kids, sixteen and older, were invited and every one of them came.

They have been through a really rough time this year and had every reason to give up and become weak. Yet they stood against adversity and stood in faith with God, believing that He NEVER forsakes the righteous. This was our prayer of thanksgiving last night. I would love to send every one of these to be missionaries in America. They would touch many hearts and heal the sick for sure with their love.

The work in Aweil still presses on. We are now able to say that 40 boys are home with their families and going to school, many for the first time. God has been moving mountains. On Wednesday I received a call from my teammate and she said that the national radio station wanted to interview me concerning the Darfur situation that we helped in. Of course I was then on my way to Yei that very day. So I told her to go ahead and handle the interview.

The man who was interviewing was blown away by what God has been doing in this city! He ended up interviewing her for an hour!! During her testimonies about our wonderful boys, people were calling in from all over South Sudan and asking us to come to their state to do this program. I am so serious. South Sudan is a huge nation. They have states just like America and people were calling in from all over the country wanting this in their state! Oh I tell you that God is up to something, something very BIG!

I was telling the Yei kids how everything we do in Aweil is because of much, much prayer and worship. God moves on behalf of those who will seek His face. We spend time every single day praying together. He is our ONE thing. All else comes from this. I want to encourage you today to make time for Him and don’t lose faith. Stay focused no matter what is going on in your midst. Stay faithful and pray, pray, pray.