A New Season In Yei

Greetings Global Family! We are very excited because of all that the Lord wants to do for His children in the last quarter of this year. Here in South Sudan, His Spirit is moving among us. Two years ago we began a year of seeking God. We gathered together every Friday night for four or five hours to pray and worship. I then left Yei and started a work in Aweil for the last seven months. I am now here in Yei again as Country Director and Iris Ministries Yei Director and I do not take this responsibility lightly. I was only here for three days before the teenagers began to ask me if we could resurrect the Friday night prayers. This time they also wanted to fast on Fridays. My heart is so lifted by their faith and hunger for Jesus. They always want more, never saying no or that they are too busy. This is the generation that God has chosen for this time. He has so much more for us.

The Iris Team in Aweil went to redeem street children and reunite them with their families. Each day we met up to 150 children, mostly boys, and they were such a blessing to us. We taught them about the love of their Father and His care and concern for them. We were able to reunite 89 children with their families and register them in school, buying uniforms and notebooks. We helped to feed refugees from Darfur when no one else could. We taught many in the churches and made disciples of men, just as Jesus has asked us to do. Our work in Aweil is finished for now as I am needed here in Yei. I am praying that one day someone else will take up the Aweil Movement where we left off and go even deeper and higher with these precious children than ever before. If God is calling you, the harvest is plentiful.

We were able to bring one little street girl back with us here to Yei. She is eight years old and has known nothing but the streets. She never smiled and would go stiff when you hugged her. She has never slept in a bed or even had a warm bath. We bought four outfits for her to wear and she changes at least four times a day because she has never had more than the ones on her back. When she arrived here in Yei it was the first time she had ever had her own bed. I went to wake her this morning as she was still out like the light. She told me that she never wanted to leave here, she wanted to stay with us. I smiled and told her she is welcome and that I won’t even let her return to Aweil. One day in our children’s village does that. These children are so filled with God’s love for humanity that they are irresistible. People come and they don’t want to leave the love they find here. I am so warmed inside as I watch our little girl play without fear of being beaten or hit by other street children. She is always smiling and laughing now and even hugs me before I can get to her.

The children are now on spring break as this is our springtime of rain. Throughout the day I hear the tinkling of the children’s laughter and simply cannot resist joining them in their games. Almost every afternoon I have a living room full of little ones on the floor coloring and drawing. It is such a privilege and a joy to work and live here among the least of these, coming to Jesus as a little child. It is so easy here to find that inner child in each of us. Come and see. Come visit us and find your inner child once again. Be blessed in all that you set your heart to do for Him and for His glory.