Risking It All Through A Child’s Eyes

I have been back for two weeks now and it feels as if I never left in the first place. It is a blessing to me to be able to live and play and work with my family in Yei. There’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure, what with 105 children underfoot each day! Each day there is never a lack of children sitting on my living room floor reading books, coloring, playing games and chattering to each other in their sweet high pitched voices. I usually have worship music playing, American singers, and they sing along as they know all the words. These children love American worship music. Even the little ones aged 5 and up know the words to Jesus Culture and Bethel songs. It’s pretty awesome.

My days start very early and keep going until 9:00, 10:00 each night. I am praying for God to send me the laborers of love I need to come and join with me in this wonderful work.

This week I had meetings with the older kids and made duty charts and talked about rewards and the qualities of good leaders. The children are seeing that I mean business and I am a strict disciplinarian who loves a whole lot too. Even the very oldest of the boys are helping me out and showing up for things and I find that very amazing because when I arrived here they were never around. They did their own thing and I never saw them. Now I see them morning and night.

Yesterday I kept looking at all of our goats and was just amazed at how we started with two and now we have 30-35 goats. One of our mamas just had four goats!! Two died a day later but four?!! Awesome. We are praying for increase, abundance, more than enough, more than anyone expected!!! That’s my Father. So I told the cook that on Sunday we will have goat for lunch. All morning the small children kept asking me if it was Christmas? You see, normally goat is only for special occasions and for us to have goat just because, the little ones don’t understand. I told them that God thinks we are very special and He is celebrating us today! Everyone was so stuffed and so happy. It sure did feel like Christmas!

Every Saturday our pastor loads the children up in our truck and they go to local markets to do outreach, preaching the gospel and singing and dancing. The children simply love outreach. Last week one of our smaller girls, eight years old, missed the “bus” and was sad she couldn’t go. So she set off down the path in her Sunday best to run all the way into town to meet up with them. Unfortunately I had to stop her. Yesterday another of our girls did the same thing and again I had to stop her. It’s very hard to be angry at them for disobeying when they are so passionate for the things of God. What would we do to risk getting into trouble when it comes to the things of God? Risk is faith stepping out of the boat into the angry tide and if we sink, then we sink. I love risking it all for Jesus!! He ALWAYS comes through.

May you be blessed and may you be daring as you step out with Jesus!