Faith In The Fire

I have been in Kampala, Uganda for about ten days as I had been waiting for my wire transfer to go through. It finally made it yesterday. I had intended to go back to South Sudan last Saturday but because of the delay in the transfer I had to remain. Although I was frustrated with the lack of answers and the delay, I seriously never once became anxious about ultimately receiving these funds. No one seemed to know where it had gone. I knew at that point that there was a reason for this delay. I prayed that God would show me and make it clear as to how long I was to remain here and who I was to see.

Three years ago I met a couple in Ethiopia who had five children, two of them adopted from Ethiopia. We only talked face to face for about three hours and there were many of us present that day. Since then we have kept in touch via FaceBook. They have recently been called to Uganda as their new mission field and they just so happened to arrive here the same day I did, although they were staying a three hour’s drive away from me. I felt that I was to make the journey and spend time with them and they did too.

It turned out to be a major divine appointment for both of us. We shared and talked all weekend, never seeming to run out of things to say and share. We were all so encouraged by the time I had to leave. I haven’t had a real rest since last September and God knows that I really needed a time of refreshing and rest and so I have remained in Kampala, Uganda for a few extra days to catch my breath before heading back in.

The fighting has begun again in South Sudan, this time there is a second rebel group involved. After the cease fire agreement was finally signed, seven of the prisoners were released. It is these prisoners who have formed their own group. They share the exact same beliefs and agenda as Machar, the Nuer leader, yet refuse to join him for whatever reasons. This is so crazy that I sometimes cannot comprehend man’s thoughts in this and how self absorbed many are concerning power and position.  We are getting ready to go through the fire yet again, although we stand in radical faith that God surrounds us and hides us from all enemies.

At this point I am not afraid as much as I am frustrated and a bit angry that these people will always put their needs above the majority in South Sudan. The majority want Salva Kiir to remain and finish his term and to keep the voice of democracy intact in this new nation, whether they agree with his politics or not. They want the letter of the law followed. It is just these few groups of people who are terrorizing the entire nation and holding us hostage. We continue to cry out for peace and unity and we keep believing God will hear the majority and change the hearts of those who are usurping power by force.

As far as Iris South Sudan, our girl’s dorm is finished and we are calling it “Bet Eman” “House of Hope”. We have also finished the girl’s new latrine building. I know that they are very happy! Once I return we will begin work on the new boy’s dorm and finish the prayer hut, which seems to be running into a few problems. That’s what I get for trying a new contractor. God is so very precious and good to us and you who have been supporting us and praying for us are precious and dear to us also. I just cannot say thank you enough.

Since the trouble began in December we have received 13 new sponsors for our children, one person sponsoring four of them! This is wonderful news. Two of our sponsors are from Israel and they live in Tel Aviv and Bat Yam! I am just amazed at how many nations have become involved in our plight and have supported this cause of the widow and orphans. Everyone knows that we care for orphans. But we also care for widows as all of our mamas in the various dorms are widows as are our cooks and our sweet grandmother who lives near us. We find every opportunity to care for our neighbors. We really want to be a city on a hill which cannot be hidden, sharing the love of Jesus with all who have need.

During this season of uncertainty, God has shown me over and over again that He is steady and reliable and certain of our future. He is truly helping me to understand radical faith and dependence on Him in all things. I love this season I am in. It is almost like I purposely set out to ask for the impossible to prove that He is the God of all possibility. I don’t test Him, I just don’t hesitate anymore to ask for the things I need and believe I will get them, no matter how crazy it sounds or looks. I encourage you to “practice” faith, believing for the unseen, for the impossible. God’s entire heart is to bless us, to simply bless us, as we follow Him. The scripture says that goodness and mercy follow us everywhere we go. It is because God radiates goodness and mercy and when we abide in Him we get the overflow of that! How wonderful.

Be blessed by God’s goodness and mercy this week. Ask Him for the impossible!