This last week I sent the funds for the Aweil boys for school fees and school supplies.  Thank you to all who wanted to sponsor them!  It will be four days of traveling around to all the counties for my pastor who is on the ground there in Aweil.  The boys are spread out all over Bahr El Ghazal state, at least a 150 mile radius.  I am just so happy to hear that 66 of the original 85 are still at home and going to school.  That is 66 boys who are no longer on the streets huffing glue, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.  What a blessing it is for me to thank you all once again for supporting me in this endeavor to keep them off the streets.  I may not be there in Aweil anymore but the ministry remains with Pastor James Makak, my right hand man who is willing to ride on the back of a motorcycle for four days to register all the boys for school.  Bless you James!

Our boy with the leg wound is doing wonderful.  His wound is healing very rapidly and the doctor stands amazed at how fast it is healing.  It is a healthy healing and we are contending for his foot to be straightened now where he has walked on tiptoe because of the wound binding and tightening his skin and causing his foot to remain that way.  We want him to walk normally.  He and his sisters are loving it here with us.  They love school.  I wish I could see what thoughts go through their minds as they look at the blessing of their current situation.  Our other missionary, long term now, Bill, said something amazing to the kids the other night and it really rings in my spirit for them.  He told them that out of millions of orphans all over the world and even hundreds of thousands around South Sudan, God handpicked these 140 children to be here on this compound at this time in history to receive all of the amazing revelation from Him.  We are all here by His divine appointment, appointing each one of us especially to be here.

The lights went on in their eyes and they really felt special that God would choose them from all the orphans and put them here for such a time as we are experiencing here in the Spirit.  Every week we go higher.  Every Sunday now our boys are leading worship.  That NEVER happened before!  Some of our boys are even dancing during worship nights now.  That for sure NEVER EVER happened.  There is such a freedom in the spirit for them here and they are really letting go of their pride and fears and the things that would hold them back from really experiencing God and His Presence.  It is such a blessing to watch and participate with them in these times.  We have been declaring that they are history makers and world changers.  We believe they are changing the city of Yei already.

The last two weekends we have been having outreach in the city center called Freedom Square.  It is where the soccer matches are held and important gatherings and such.  We have the freedom to use it as often as we like.  We pull up in our big tipper truck which serves as the stage.  We hook up speakers, mikes and our keyboard to a generator and the children stand in front and dance and lead worship.  After the message people are called forth to receive prayer for healing.  Last week a lame man came forward dragging one of his legs, actually using his hand to pull at his trouser leg to help it along.  Only our kids laid hands on him and prayed.  The man was instantly healed and was literally running around the fields and shouting praise.  The soccer game that was going on stopped and the team even came over to see what had happened.  This week in town people recognized us and told us that they saw the miracle or heard about it.  The crowd grows bigger each weekend.  We are contending for revival in Yei and revival for the youth worldwide!

This week we have begun the work of patching up our old school buildings and building another latrine for the school, actually two of them, one for girls and one for boys.  There are about 600 students going to our school so we really need to get this done.  I am still dreaming of one day building a strong school out of cinderblocks instead of mud made bricks that crumble and fall after a hard season of rain.  Every year we are patching and painting, patching and painting.  One day……


Our monkey, Habibi, reminds me so much of Curious George.  Habibi loves to go to school and church, anywhere the children go.  The only problem with that is that she loves small children and always wants to sit on their heads or shoulders.  So you can imagine the chaos she causes as there are no doors or windows in our school.  The teachers have threatened to beat her if she keeps coming.  So while I was in Uganda, Bill made a very nice cage.  Now we have a very entertaining morning trying to catch her or entice her into the cage.  She loves Coca Cola and  juice and lollipops and raisins and peanuts and bananas and dates and crickets and bugs.  We are always looking for new things to entice her to get in her cage as she gets smarter each day.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

It is still peaceful here and lately no one is killing anyone.  God bless you this week as you take your daily walk with Jesus.  I pray He shows you something new this week.  Thank you again for all that you do for His kingdom!