Living Kingdom Reality In A War Torn Nation

We had Pastor Brian from Richmond Virginia’s The Dwelling Place with us all last week and what an adventure he had, oh and us too! Tons of outreach to far, far out places and far away people hungry for the living word of God. One village gave us a sheep and boy were our children happy. Our children go on every outreach and are usually the ones reaching out. We have ten year olds preaching from the back of a tipper truck in the market place so caught up in the wonder of the Lord’s goodness that they are afraid to misbehave during the week for fear of being left behind. Can you imagine telling your ten year old that if they continue to fight with their brother then they can’t go preach the love of Jesus in the market and they listen? This is my entire passion here in South Sudan, raising up a generation who is so in love with Jesus that really nothing else much matters except that they get to share that love. Whew, undone!


I am fighting a continuing battle with the banking system to get our money into South Sudan. The banks in the USA are concerned that I might be supporting the war here so they have been slow in sending funds. That is why I went to Uganda. Well, when I got there to get the funds I “thought” were there, nope, about $8,000 missing. Evidently it came here to South Sudan but now is held up somewhere while I continue to be investigated. I stepped off the plane here in Yei on Saturday tired and frustrated and whom do I see and greet? The Commissioner here in Yei, only the most powerful man in the city, and he tells me to come to his office tomorrow so he can give me a letter attesting to the work we are doing here for the children and without us they will perish. Jesus! He did this for the EPC organization and they now have no problems. God is such a problem solver isn’t He? Now I just need to find that $8,000……


It is three in the morning as I write this as I haven’t been able to sleep due to some news we received this evening. Remember our girl whom we sent to Uganda for surgery on her leg last month? Her name is Hayati, which means life in Arabic. The doctor there, a Ugandan, told us it was quite possible that her mass was cancerous. We chose to not receive that report. It has been a month and her wound is not healing but getting worse so we took her tonight to the doctors here at the other orphanage, they are from Australia and America, very good doctors. They had to reopen her large surgical wound and they too are thinking it is cancerous and have sent a biopsy to Juba. I refuse to believe it is cancer and I refuse to let our kids get into fear. We are setting up a “hands on” prayand praise watch over her. I have to believe that the name God gave her is the truth, LIFE. There is even a song that all the churches here sing that goes like this, “Hayati, hayati, ana wadile Yesu” which means, “My LIFE, my LIFE I give to Jesus” and tonight in my bed as I tried to sleep I just kept saying that over and over for our Hayati. She is 17 and the most humble and quiet and sweet, sweet girl. Stand with us in prayer and believing for her life.


In less than a month I will be taking our eldest daughter off to missionary school in Mozambique at iris Harvest School. I have been seriously praying and hearing from the Lord and am leaning toward staying for a couple of weeks myself in Moz. I have been suffering from burn out, war burn out, working too hard, carrying too much, and I NEED some serious lap time with my Papa God. I know at Iris Moz I will get so drenched in His manifest Presence that I will come back renewed and equipped for the battle ahead. Bill, one of our missionaries here always says that we stay in a war torn nation here but we live from a veil torn kingdom. That’s where I want to stay. God is doing something here so again, keep us lifted in prayer to keep running this race, this sometimes sprint and sometimes marathon as Papa Roland says, with periods of rest. I want to finish strong, as Bill Johnson says. I love these great men of God who have and still are running this race. I have an amazing team now, Papa Bill Kendrick and Danielle Briscoe. I can’t even imagine being here without them now. They are definitely send by God. Friend them on Facebook because they post sooooooo many pictures of our kids and our outreaches.

As for the state of things in South Sudan, they remain very tense and unpredictable. The two warring parties still cannot agree on anything and there are bands of rebel youth going into mosques and hospitals opening fire and killing mostly women and children. We here at our base are literally crying tears as we cry out for revival in all of South Sudan. We love all of the South Sudanese people, every tribe and every tongue and we want peace, the peace that only God can bring. It is our intention to start to reach further on our weekly outreaches and start heading toward some of these war torn areas to bring the kingdom of God, to bring love. Pray for us as we run into the darkness to bring the Light!

We love you so much for loving us!