Soldiers and Sonship

Sunday afternoon I was trying to find a quiet place on our compound to just be with Jesus alone and found it almost impossible. My house is in the center of the compound so no quiet there! There were people in our prayer hut. There were kids in the office getting haircuts. So I did what I used to do when I was first here, I went to the fields. I found myself sitting in a cornfield on a stump as the only quiet place I could find. The corn had just been planted a couple of weeks ago and was about one foot tall and the earth had been weeded around it and it was a beautiful fresh tilled field with the harvest already growing. I heard the Lord clearly ask me, “Do you want the harvest?”

Monday I was to preach to the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) 2nd Division 7th Brigade in Yei. These are the same guys that were in a firefight in January. The Lord has been seriously moving my heart for these men, His sons. Did I want the harvest? I was desperate for this harvest and even more as I am being sent north again, a place I said I would never go back to. Jesus was asking me if I really wanted this harvest, would I be willing to go to a place I said I wouldn’t go? Whoa, that is deep unto deep when Jesus asks you do you want what He wants. SO, it was with this heart that I went on Monday morning. We actually didn’t get to go until Tuesday because the Brigadier General wanted to meet us first before letting us talk to his men. When we got there on Tuesday morning the men were assembled in ranks and formation. They were standing there with their AK47’s and all the brass was there. Don’t you know I was a bit intimidated? Ahhhh, but I knew Jesus was in charge so I just opened my mouth and let Him fill it. I told them of my military history and that immediately opened the door for me. I began to speak to them about being sons of God and their access to heaven for strategies and plans. They were all ears. I told them what it meant to be adopted as sons and Jesus gave me a revelation of what His baptism was really about.

All these years I wondered why He had to be baptized and why He said it is to fulfill the scriptures. When a Jewish boy reaches an age of maturity his father then announces his sonship to everyone at a formal ceremony. Until that time he is not called a son but a child. When Jesus was baptized and came up out of the water His Father said, “This is My son!” That was when His ministry started, when He was announced as a son. I spoke to these soldiers about South Sudan being the only nation in recent history who actually fought a 50 year war for Christianity, for Jesus, the blood of the martyrs being spilled. This was their inheritance now to come forth as sons. When we gave the call for those to become sons of God, every single hand went up, every single one, a little over 200 men; soldiers, sons. We have now been invited, requested, to come back each week and disciple these soldiers, these sons. Amazing! Jesus! Glory to God! This is the first seed planted as we make ready to head north. Praise God, blessed be the name of Jesus! I am still awestruck at His Presence there that morning.

On Wednesday night we had the YWAM teams from South Africa and Jordan come and worship with us and the kids. The nations that were represented there this night were South Africa, Canada, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Norway, Costa Rica, Switzerland, USA and South Sudan! We in our little space on the earth at the edge of the bush worshipped together and invaded heaven with our praise. It was amazing and wonderful and powerful. These children are going from glory to glory and I love being in that river! The YWAM team from South Africa and our missionaries went to visit the hospital on Monday and prayed for every ward except one as they ran out of time. That one ward had many patients and was very full. The team went back on Wednesday and found that ward virtually empty. When we asked where they went the staff told us that the hospital practically emptied out as people were healed and went home so all the patients in that ward moved to the other empty wards!!! Hahaha, Jesus told everyone to go home, they were healed. Can you imagine emptying out hospitals as you go and pray? Jesus is so faithful and good and kind.

I leave you with the truth about how much Jesus loves you. If we never see a miracle, never speak to a crowd, never get a single soul saved, Jesus still loves us. If we never do a thing for God but sit at His feet and worship Him, we have done all that He has asked us to do. Jesus loves us no matter what we do or don’t do. I would love to sit at His feet each day and do nothing else, yet He has called me to do what I am doing. I spend much time with Him still but I have to do also. Be at peace in your walk with Him. Don’t concern yourself with the Martha’s if you are called to be a Mary. Jesus loves us in spite of us and that will never change. That is such a freeing truth. To be loved unconditionally.