Filled To Overflow

I am back in South Sudan and the family is very happy I think. I put on a few pounds because of many “out to dinners’ with friends in Mozambique so the mamas here were happy and kept telling me how strong I looked – lol. I left Moz on Wednesday morning after having 41 nations lay hands on me and pray and prophesy over me! Whoa that was amazing, amazing. The Harvest School has people from 41 nations attending so one person from each came to bless me all at one time. Every tribe and every tongue praying at once, so very cool. So I left there filled to overflowing for sure.

The kids wanted me to preach at church this Sunday, today, as they knew I would be coming back from Moz with some heavy juicy spiritual meat. Haha, they were right. The Lord has really been speaking to me for about two months now about nothing but the Holy Spirit. He is all I have been teaching and preaching about to various groups. And again, this morning, He is Who I talked about. I told the testimonies of outreach, and how we prayed in the Spirit, not using our own words and wisdom, and how four deaf people were healed and one blind received sight. The children and adults both were excited about this. I told them God doesn’t need for us to pray in fancy words with all the right scripture. We just need to be filled with Holy Spirit and love and God will handle the details. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!!

While I was preaching I saw the manifest glory of God. I have never seen the glory with my naked eyes. Even when we were speaking to the SPLA I didn’t see it until I looked at the pictures. This morning I saw it so thick that I wanted to rub my eyes as I thought they were fogging up or something. I then gave an alter call for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I have never done this before in these five years I have been here. ALL came up, ALL. I began to go down the line one by one, filling, filling, filling. When we had touched everyone, there were about 20 kids down on the floor, totally wacked by Holy Spirit. I kept the music going and quietly dismissed those who wanted to leave. About half our kids remained and the ones on the floor never moved for at least the next half hour. We, the other two missionaries and me, were undone by the glory and love of God for these kids that was so present there this morning. Even when I stopped the music, the kids remained. That NEVER happens. When the music stops everyone leaves. These kids remained for awhile longer just soaking up every drop of Holy Spirit. Today, we had church!

Then we came and had lunch and some of the girls and boys came up and said, “We have to go and pray for the sick in the hospital, we just have to!” And so we went with our ten year olds and sixteen year olds and even one of our mamas came. And that too is church. Today was a great day in church, in Him. And then we came back and got into a major water fight. Kids are still kids, the big ones too. Be blessed this week with the love and touch of Holy Spirit. He wants to pour into you, filling you up to overflow, so you can go!